ASN Humans Are Space Orcs , HFY and other stories

T.F.O.S Weekly Roundup 1290- 1303. A collection of Science Fiction Short Stories

January 15, 2022


This is a collection of the weeks TFOS videos from Youtube. All Stories are done with Author permission. They reserve and maintain all rights to the stories.  

1290 Reforged. Mercury_the_dealer The Specialist 6e6f6e2d62696e617279 1291 Solanaceae EchoingCascade Grey Area LgFatherAnthrocite
1292 [OC] It Floats? daeomec [oc] Sacrificial Breath BigWuffle 1293 Thesis project LgFatherAnthrocite GoGo Juice LgFatherAnthrocite
1294 A Warning to Those Who Wish to Explore Human Space. DysonSphere02 The God in a Shell [Ephemeral Bond] the_Zet 1295 My God, what have I done? Runner_one    
1296 I cast “become dust!â€ simoneangela The three Things FieserMoep 1297 A Worthy Battle rednil97 [OC] Call of the Void A_Glass_Of_Whiskey
1298 Terran Design Principles arclightmagus     1299 Repayment of a Debt nerdywhitemale [OC] Flesh Before Steel LaggerCZE
1300 TheOneWhoSmellsLikeFlowers redditaggie     1301 [OC] Drone Swarm HamsterIV    
1302 Perfectly legal RhoZie013     1303 An Insolent Weapon Sparrowhawk- Flowers Aussie_Endeavour


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