ASN Humans Are Space Orcs , HFY and other stories

T.F.O.S Weekly Roundup 1276- 1289. A collection of Science Fiction Short Stories

January 8, 2022


This is a collection of the weeks TFOS videos from Youtube. All Stories are done with Author permission. They reserve and maintain all rights to the stories.  

1276 Semper Fuck Yeah! altphil Galactic Evolution lainmelle 1277 A man in a suit enters a bar... EchoingCascade Home Cooking HellsKitchenSink
1278 A day in the life of a law enforcement agent ImJustaNormalReddit     1279 Sometimes, the only way to get rid of the cockroaches is to burn down the house. Runner_one    
1280 Dishonorable Combat (or Why Humans Fight Dirty) Alyksandur     1281 Kitten PDS Slow-Ad2584 Definitions Aussie_Endeavour
1282 How far one goes rednil97 Nightmare Dimention LgFatherAnthrocite 1283 One Big Misunderstanding HellsKitchenSink Everyone Needs a Cookie __-___----_
1284 Mountain tDegan Pursuit Predation thunderbird89 1285 The winter march. Mercury_the_dealer Back problems LgFatherAnthrocite
1286 Line breaker mechakid You've been here before? rednil97 1287 The Missing Piece LgFatherAnthrocite Private Sale LgFatherAnthrocite
1288 An Honest Mistake RedShiftRazor [OC] Sol-3 fatchance30 1289 Run like Hell. EchoingCascade Struggle LgFatherAnthrocite


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